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Object: Exclusive 32nd America’s Cup Fleet Limited Edition    Woodcut Engravings hand made finished with watercolours.
Print Run: Limited to 10 copies
Medium:. Woodcut Engravings

Stamp: Tórculo Azañón. Taller “El Jardinico”. Caligo ecological Ink
Finish: Handmade Windsor & Newton Watercolours
Paper: Super Alfa 100 x 76 cms.
Presentation and delivery: Signed and numbered by artist with Authenticity Certificate enclosed.

Valencia held the oldest sail race in history, during 2007. The artist is presenting a limited and numbered series of large format woodcut engravings portraying each one of the America’s Cup sailing boats.

The America’s Cup mixes the tradition of sailing with the application and use of the latest advances in materials, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics. Along the years, it has shown the constant evolution of technology as well as the extreme expertise of sailing crews. From mahogany to composite materials, from canvas to kevlar, the America’s Cup is a living record of human skills applied to the basic fight with wind and water. The competing sailboats are moving cathedrals devoted to the epic adventure of the Sea.

Imbued with the spirit of the race, the artist chose a traditional technique --the large format woodcut engraving-- to combine with the colorful variety and technological sophistication of nowadays challengers and defenders acts. The title of the Collection, The eighteen-crew member, (the named used to refer to the invited crew member) wants to convey the idea that every spectator of the engravings is a virtual and privileged 18th crewmember.

This limited edition is composed by twelve different compositions, corresponding to each one of the America’s Cup 32nd edition competitors. Each work portrays a sailing moment, and tries to communicate the dynamism of maneuvers and the plastic quality of contemporary sail racing. Every composition corresponds to a unique wood block, which will be used to craft only ten engravings. The artist using watercolor technique will finish each engraving. Therefore, each engraving will be a unique artwork. After finishing the creative process, the wood blocks will be altered and deposited in the Spanish National Museum of Engraving for conservation and exhibition. The whole edition will be certified, numbered and will not be repeated after completion of the 10 engravings of each single wood block. This makes this collection a unique maritime art event, part of the history of the America’s Cup.

woodcut engravings  32nd america’s cup edition:

“the eighteenth crew-member”