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Watercolors  61 x 46 cms

A serial of Kois and Haikus composed by the author.  Each Haiku was composed to match any of the Kois’s portraits.

When did you start painting a Koi and why?

Well, I have been always attracted to the Japanese world.  As a matter of fact, my grandmother born and grew up in Tokyo although her parents were originally from Spain.  Her father was teaching in Japan.  Years later my brother moves to Japan to teach at the Kobe University.  In one of my trips to visit him, the Kois beauty fascinates me.

What was it about Koi that made you want to paint them?

Since that visit to Japan I get more and more interested in Oriental Art and Philosophy.  I start reading Zen literature and soon realize Kois were an interesting subject as far as they are living jewels.