Considering human being lasted several million years to develop a simple pencil, it is not difficult to assume that we humans use to think (when we do so...) most of the time in the wrong direction.

Here you can find some mental theories developed by myself that that I would like to share with you, and dedicated to some of my personal icons like Newton, Toynbee, Santayana, Heisenberg, Einstein, Dalí, etc... and to all those that like to search out of the official path of knowledge.

GODOR NATURE PROJECT:  Very Best World Sculptor, managed by author:

  1. - THEORY OF THE HERMMAPHRODITE MAMMAL (Teoría del mamífero hermafrodita 2005).  This is a new perspective to the controversial Lost link issue:

Science does not have a clue why male mammals have mammary glands and nipples.  We know that nature and evolution never provide specific characteristics without a predetermined use.  My theory points, that if males still have these characteristics it is just because in the course of evolution we use them once.   But how?  Two genders with the same characteristics?.  This does not make sense unless at that time of the evolution both genders were mixed in one....

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AN ELECTROMAGNETIC AND ATOMIC APPROACH TO THE CANCER DISEASE  (Aproximación electromagnética y atómica al cancer)

Up to now, traditional medical researchs concerning cancer disease just focus their investigations to the  biochemical field.   After last advances in genomics, it seems clear that any alteration in the cell structure must be necessary linked to a deeper observation in order to state that those changes are originated due an inner electronic unballance.  Right treatements should point at the atomic level instead of...

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             On this section you can find some of the inventions developed by Asís Pazó:


            LIGHT SAILS: Auto-lighted fiber cable sails

            SOLAR SAILS: Sails made out of solar cell fabric able to generate        

                                  electricity onboard.

            METROLOGIST:  Urban logistic system for capillary distribution of        

                 (PATENT)       goods in big cities trhoughout the subway