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Everything flows in our existence.  Surfing is a paradigm of mystery flow.  A magic dance between existence and non existence melted with time and space.  A wave that comes from nowhere and goes nowhere, cached in a unique  and irrepetible instant of time.
The SurfZen collection embraces the Ying and Yang spirit, portraying a strange visual choreography, as a personal tribute to our beloved and magical sport, incarnated in the epic gang composed by the most inspirational surfers of all times.  A brief silver ray flowing through a twister of absolute black and white.

All originals are available in a 60 x 60 cms. (23.6 x 23.6 Inches) canvas, created with a mix technique in acrylic and cellulose ink).
Limited Edition prints (50/50  Print Run) are also available in  45 x 45 cms. (19.6 x 19.6 Inches) high quality organic cotton paper.  This is an exclusive signed edition that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

There is also a most affordable option which includes a gift box set containing the full collection of 15 prints 23 x 23 cms (9.8 x 9.8 Inches) using high quality organic cotton paper. Please check out for more details. Do not miss this opportunity to own a contemporary tribute to surfing history.

And do not forget that you do not ride the wave, the wave rides you...  Good waves!


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